Thursday, 11 January 2018

Sam Spiegel: to touch base, pour reprendre contact

Hello... ou bonjour?

Well first, Happy New Year to you all, or... Bonne Année?

This is my dilemma in fact, should I write in this Blog in English or in French? After all, I am French, therefore I should post in French! 
But I live in England, right? So I should write in English... when in Rome... and being polite and all that...

I have been told by an English fellow actor that, since most of the French speak at least a basic English - in contrary to the English who refuse to learn French - I should therefore express myself in English for the purpose of this Blog, so I would reach more people this way. Sincerely, I don't know about that, and I have met many British that do do speak some French. Mais admettons! 

So let's carry on in English, and maybe this will help my French readers - and myself! - to improve their practice of la langue de Shakespeare. But no franglais, I promise. Well, we'll see: after all, Franglais is the language that the French expats speak every single time they meet.

I just noticed, opening my Blog today after a long absence - to posting anyway - that the last time I posted was in 2013. Nearly 5 year ago! I am surprised that did not erase my blog. Nothing unused last long on the Internet nowadays! But no: my Blog is still here, and one my new year resolution is to not neglect it any longer, and to post regularly... at least more frequently than once every 5 years.

So this first post is just to touch base, and I will give you more news soon, what has happened and what is happening. I hope that, during these last five years, you have a least looked once at my website  for news about my acting career.

There are a couple of other new websites you should have a look too, and I will tell you more about them in posts to come. They are: (my voice-over work) (my music and recordings)

Before I leave you, you will find at the end of this post a recent (and my official acting portrait) so you can see what I look like now, taken by talented Russian photographer Kirill Kozlov in London. (more photos on

Good bye, et a bientot (sans les accents, sorry)


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